Fuck Adobe - A list of all the Adobe Alternatives

Tired of paying Adobe's monthly ransom? Well you're in the right place, as this is a comprehensive list of all the Adobe Alternatives, because FUCK Adobe.

Ever since Adobe's 2013 change to a subscription model and their attempts at revoking already sold PERPETUAL LICENSES (not to mention the threats to people DARING TO USE the software they already bought and paid for!), Adobe has preyed upon the creator's needs, creating the subscription trend that has been replicated to death and beyond, with the goal of having to eternally rent their software and own nothing in this digital age.

Millions of creatives use Photoshop for photo editing and drawing, Premiere Pro for video editing, After Effects for video effects and motion design, yet with the $19.41 BILLION dollars of revenue that Adobe generated in 2023, they can't even manage to make their software reliable. Ask anyone using the Adobe suite how often it has crashed on them. Oh, what's that? You were editing your project and were almost done with it? Sorry, Premiere Pro crashed! Hope you like editing it again since the last time we thought about saving your project. Oh, sorry, did you expect us to Autosave your project? Yes? Oh silly you! You even thought that our Autosave is also reliable! :D

Pay us more, because we demand you to, not because you'll get a better product, but because we KNOW you won't bat a fucking eye. Go ahead, cancel your subscription. Oh, good luck doing that without accepting our new Terms of Service that gives us a Worldwide royalty-free licence to reproduce, display, distribute or do whatever we want with any content you produce using our software. What's that? You signed some NDA documents with our software? We're gonna have a peek at them if you don't mind. Thanks for your trade secrets :D

We can't wait for your plan cancellation after you've paid us 50% of the remaining time left on your yearly subscription. Oh, sorry. Did I forget to mention that? Silly me. You know how buggy our software is, did you expect anything else from our website? Who can trust these silly computers to show the actual price and the actual plan you're in these days. :D

Pay up. Shut up. And sit down, fuckwit.

Still here? Good. Here's the list. But...

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Anyways, this is KenneyNL's Adobe Alternatives List

Adobe Alternatives

A list of alternatives for Adobe software, originally collected by @XdanielArt and improved upon by the community. Feel free to open issues or pull requests, or create an image (for easy sharing) out of the data. The lists are always ordered with the free & open source option on top, but it might not be the best alternative depending on your use case.



Alternatives to:




Pixel art



Live trace



Honorable mentions
















After Effects

Compositing and effects

Motion graphics